The winning Features of Portable Steam Cleaners:

Published: 21st January 2010
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Cleaning is a very good habit and apart from organizing your home in a presentable way the other main reason of cleaning is making your home clear of any allergen and germs. This is not enough to clean only the floor but all the levels are equally important to be cleaned. Now days, Portable Steam Cleaner is a raise in the market. Consumers prefer portable steam cleaner as they are small in size and very comfortable to carry anywhere.

The main features of a Portable Steam Cleaner are its functionality and safe use.

Portable steam cleaners are known for their functionality that includes compact size, user friendly features, and their safe use as they clean the surface with steam to disinfect it by removing harmful germs.

How Portable Steam Cleaners work?

Steam cleaner has different work functionality than a vacuum cleaner. In case of portable steam clean, we need to fill tap water or distilled water; if the tap water is hard water in the reservoir of the machine.

• The vapor is formed by boiling the water at very high temperature.

• Move the clearer on the surface back and forth to clean the surface with steam force.

• The heat generated from the steam, kills the germs and all harmful parasites and touch stains leave the surface at the same time.

Important Features of a portable Steam Cleaner:

The following features are required to check before purchasing a portable steam cleaner:

• Efficient wheels: to move back and forth with an ease so that cleaning can be done smoothly.

• Lightweight: to make it easy while carrying anywhere.

• Long Power Cord: The power cord should be enough long to cover all the possible areas of the floor.

• Sharp Nozzle: Nozzle should be sharp and adjustable to spread the steam with force. The force of the steam will easily remove the dust particles and kill the germs as well.

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