The Marketing Slogan Secret No Ad Agency Will Tell You.

Published: 01st October 2010
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Itís hard to believe that just a few words strung together a certain way can have a profound impact on a business. Yet it happens every day in the wild world of marketing.

"Just Do It" transformed Nike into a household name.

"So easy a caveman can do it" became the basis of a hugely successful Geico campaign.

De Beers enjoys strong sales year after year with "A Diamond Is Forever." Theyíve been using the line since 1950. It seems like that slogan is forever, too.

The problem is, each marketing slogan above most likely came from an outrageously expensive marketing firm or ad agency. However, thereís a new approach that businesses of all sizes are using to create some of the best advertising slogans in recent memory. Itís an approach that generates a lot more options and costs a lot less than the advertising agency approach. No ad firm wants you in on the secret because it involves cutting out them out and instead utilizing scores of professional freelance writers and moonlighting ad agency writers all competing to win a single set prize amount you put up in advance.

One of the most popular services for getting marketing slogans through professional writer contests is Slogan Slingers. With contest awards ranging from $200-$999, everyone from restaurant marketing directors to event planners can be found on the site with results that were never possible before.

Instead of getting 3-4 slogan ideas from one writer, you might get 40 slogan options from 25 writers. Instead of waiting weeks to see the first wave of work, youíll probably only wait hours. Instead of charges that can easily exceed thousands for a new company slogan, for example, youíre just paying hundreds.

Letís say youíre a pizza restaurant looking for an advertising slogan for a new Chicago-style pizza. You need the line for posters, T-shirts, an ad and more. Instead of calling a single ad agency, you head to Slogan Slingers and open a contest. You fill out a contest brief thatís almost identical to the strategy brief used at most ad agencies. You can include who your target audience is, advantages you have over the competition, etc. Upload any relevant images. Finally, you select your prize amount and the details are securely emailed to the stable of talented writers registered with Slogan Slingers.

After seven days have passed, (although you can pick a winner at any time) you pick the product slogan that impresses you the most. The winning writer gets the money and you get the rights to the marketing slogan. The process can be used for company slogans, advertising headlines and more.

So if you need a top advertising slogan for your latest product, a company slogan for your business product or an event slogan, try opening a slogan contest. Hey, like Nike says, "Just Do It."

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