Four Essential Steps To Creating Restaurant Ad Slogans, Taglines and Catchphrases That Work.

Published: 01st October 2010
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Itís finally time. That new menu item youíve been developing for months is finally about to debut. If only there was a magic word you could utter that would bring diners coming in droves. Well, there might not be one magic word, but if you combine a few carefully chosen words, the effect of a great restaurant marketing slogan can be pretty magical, too.

Whether the line you need is for your ads, in-store materials or even a new overall company slogan, the right restaurant slogan, tagline or catchphrase can genuinely make a difference. It can stick in a potential customerís mind and ultimately inspire action. So what separates the brilliant from the bland and the effective from the irrelevant? Hereís your guide to picking a winning restaurant marketing slogan.

STEP 1: Determine your goals Ė Far too many restaurant marketing directors are simply looking for "something catchy." Catchy to whom? And as a means to what end? Before you get started, figure out exactly who youíre talking to, what specific emotion you want to evoke and make sure that any line feels right within your existing brand.

STEP 2: Find Your Shakespeare Ė This is where many an advertising slogan project can meet its demise. Donít try and write the line yourself. Yes, we all know how creative you are but a professional writer will bring a fresh, outsiderís perspective. Plus he or she should have experience with which kinds of lines work and which do not. One of the hottest trends in restaurant marketing right now is to open a professional writer slogan contest at a site like Slogan Slingers. Competing to win a single cash prize ranging from $200 - $999, multiple freelance writers will submit slogan ideas based on a brief you fill out online. Choose your favorite line. The winning writer gets the cash and you get the rights to use the line in print ads, restaurant billboards, T-shirts or whatever. This route provides more quality options and costs less than an ad agency or even hiring a solo freelancer.

STEP 3: Stick With It - In the restaurant industry, weíre using to certain food items going bad quickly. Marketing slogans can sometimes work in the total opposite way. They need time to catch on and gain popularity. Subwayís company slogan, "Eat Fresh" and Olive Gardenís "When Youíre Here Youíre Family" increased in popularity and effectiveness as the frequency of the message increased. The point here is donít get bored or impatient with your advertising slogan and toss it out after a few weeks. Stay the course. Remember, if youíre sick of your latest slogan, thatís probably normal. Youíre the only one seeing it 57 times a day. The potential diner is just letting it sink in.

STEP 4: Measure - How do you know if your slogan, catchphrase or tagline is making a difference? Ask! Donít ask diners, "Did our new slogan have an effect on your decision to join us today?" Nobody will admit they were swayed by a company slogan, for example. However, it is smart to ask if they can recall your slogan. If they have, you can rest assured, itís working. If they havenít heard of your slogan itís time to determine if itís due to a lack of frequency or a lack of talent from your slogan writer.

A great, creative advertising slogan can legitimately help your bottom line. So take the steps to get a winning slogan and reap the rewards.

STEP ONE: Pick the slogan style you want to use.

When you're here, you're Family

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